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Monaco: Touching the void
New York: NY eat me
Iceland: Poetry from the north
Germany: The wave of Munich


Baby blue getaway
Black market of rebel
This is the order of things


In between – exclusive session
All the King's Craftsmen
Dear Santa
The business cut
Just wear it 
On quickly


I spy with beautiful eye
Molecule is to perfume as...


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
From space with love
Where to get away
Like father like son
Life full of drawers to open


On baking bread
When coffee lovers arrive in SF

ARE Magazine Volume 1

Autumn / Winter 2017


ARE is a magazine about all that is beautiful in life. Such 'beauty' manifests itself in different ways and to ARE means emotions, authenticity, naturalness, happiness, passion, purity, modernity, youth, maturity, love, friendship. It is a Poland-based source of inspiration from all over the world.

Who are we? Where are we going? How are we getting there? What is our destination?' - these are the questions we regularly ask ourselves. Such questions often remain unanswered. Time doesn’t stand still and yet we continue to learn, forever seeking the truth.

308 pages. It's a 330x245 mm

Are magazine means naturalness, authenticity, happiness, youth, passion, beauty, purity, modernity, maturity, love & friendship and much more.


ARE Magazine is a source of inspiration from all over the world. Aloe Plant being the essence in each issue - travelling the world and getting to know it that way.

Potted Plant Aloe, The Plant travels to unique places around the world, joins our interviewers across the globe and is part of our distinctive editorial production.

We are authentic, we want to show that we care and portray the truthfulness of the content we create.


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